Tom Cubr, Artist
Formalist Abstractions
A Little Bit About Me
I earned a BA in Art & Art History from Eastern Illinois University in 1983. Although for many years, I supported my art by working with the elderly and persons who have disabilities, I have been able to devote the time to develop a style and technique which I believe are unique among contemporary artists. My studio is at the Starline Factory at 400 W. Front Street, Harvard, IL. where a growing group of local artists and artisans have been creating art and opening their studios to the public on the fourth Friday of each month.

A Little Bit About My Art
My paintings, drawings, and collages are Formalist.They are art for art's sake alone, and are simply the result of combining the formal elements of design to create pictures that appeal to my sensibilities. My current series (Terraforma Compositions) are Formalist Abstractions that are inspired by images from Google Earth. Although my pictures are designed to have impact from a distance, their true beauty lies in subtle detail and handling that can be appreciated from close inspection. I have always admired early 20th Century Modernist art, and would say that my work exists to some degree because of its influence.

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